Green smoothies are a regular at Get Nakie HQ and a there are a few ingredients that more often that not go into our favourite recipes: frozen bananas, berries and mangoes, almond or rice milk, coconut water, chia seeds and kale. There are a hundred ways to reinvent your morning smoothies and a tons of ingredients to choose from but in terms of a quick, easy, nutrient rich and low calorie option, here is one of our regulars:


Kale – 3 cups chopped and firmly packed

  • Frozen Mango – small handful
  • Frozen berries – small handful
  • Coconut water – 1 ½ cups
  • Almond milk – ½ cup
  • Chia seeds – 1 tsp

The almond milk adds a nice nutty flavour that I love but can be replaced with coconut or rice milk if you prefer a sweeter and less nutty taste

Tip – Never throw your fruit away! Virtually every piece of fruit can be frozen from fresh. Particularly great if like me, you can’t stand an over ripe banana. Just pop in the freezer and reserve for your morning blitz up.

Coconut water – don’t be fooled by the packaging not all coconut water is 100% natural. Many have lots of added sugar and yucky stuff. My personal favourite is Natural RAWC Cononut Water because it’s 100% pure coconut water with no added sugar or preservatives. It’s also reasonably priced and tastes great.