Maintaining your mojo in winter is tricky, we feel you.   Hitting snooze and staying under the covers seems like a much better plan, until that is, the first day of summer when you go to try on your bikini (holy mother of god whyyyyy). If, like us, your motivation is dwindling, try some of our top tips to keep you on track.



  1. Dress for success – Get yourself some cute (and most importantly) functional workout gear. A bad outfit can put you in a bad mood at the best of times. It might be time to stock your workout wardrobe with great winter performance gear. A new puffer jacket or performance running knit might be the key to kicking those excuses to the curb.
  2. Mix it up – Try new workout class at the gym and change up your routine. When your fitness routine is feeling a little same same it’s easy to think of 101 excuses not to go (and eat the m&m’s). A new class can not only change your mood but provide a little renewed fitness inspo!
  3. Alarm bell takeover – Rather than a normal, annoying alarm clock blaring at you, use your iPod or phone to play your favourite track and get you bouncing out of bed. Think mood booster! You’ll be amazed how much easier is to get out of bed the first time round. Tip – relocate your alarm so it’s just out of reach. If you’re forced to get out of bed to turn it off, you’re less likely to hit snooze and jump back into bed.
  4. Buddy up – Having a workout buddy is a great way to not only make your winter workouts more fun but most importantly, it keeps you accountable. If you know someone is expecting you, you are far less likely to bail.
  5. Bust a move in your lounge room – Now’s the time to invest in home gym equipment. When you really just can’t bear the cold, have some simple workout equipment available at home to keep you on track. You don’t need to spend a fortune, a simple yoga mat and medicine ball or set of weights is all you need to work up a sweat.
  6. Turn up the heat – Adjust the heater timer to warm your bedroom before the alarm goes off. If the temperature is as toasty outside the bed as it is inside the covers you are far more likely to stay in hiding.  Another cheeky trick – put your workout clothes on the heater or electric clothes rack so they are toasty warm.  All fire hazards aside its the bomb.
  7. See the bigger picture – Keep a 12-week calendar from June to August where you will see it and will be reminded of it daily. When you look at all three months together you realise how short it actually is. Use this to calendar to and track your winter workouts. Winter can seem like a lifetime but if you focus on the bigger picture you’ll be more motivated to get fit and ready for your summer, that bikini day creeps up on you, and quickly.
  8. Have a winter fitness goal – Whether it’s training for a running event or simply toning your butt, have a winter fitness goal to keep you on track. There is nothing like having a short-term goal to work towards to keep you focused.
  9. Accessorise – Protect your head, hands, feet and ears from the elements. When it’s cold, blood flow is concentrated on your body’s core, leaving your extremities (head, hands and feet) vulnerable. It’s easy to find excuses and with the proper workout accessories you’ll have one less reason to hit the snooze button.
  10. It’s all in the timing. Make a regular workout time each day and stick to it. If you train in the afternoon or evening go straight to the gym after work. Plan your day so that you don’t have to go home before visiting the gym. We all know how difficult to leave the house once you get cosy on the couch. Similarly if you workout in the morning, don’t change your schedule! You can make a million excuses not to get to the gym after the work. When your alarm goes off, tell yourself its now of never.

You know that saying summer bodies are made in winter?  I kind of kills me but its 100% true.  Unfortunately it is really hard to shape the body you want if you only start when its bikini season.